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Lions Club Karvia shortly in English

Lions Club Karvia

Activities and Fund raising

One of our the most profitable activity is Christmas magazine Karvian Joulu. To the magazine lions gather articles from voluntary writers of our community. On the one hand it gives local writers a change to publish their texts and pictures. On the other hand it gives to public a hihg-quality magazine that introduces events of the past year in our home town.

LC Karvia has donated equipment to home for elderly. In there we arrange a Christmas party. Santa visits and our ladies serve coffee and chrismas goodies.

We are supporting younger generations by donations and scholarships. We have given local children a chance to take part to the Peace Poster Contest. In winter time we have arranged a sleding day for kids when there is any snow.

LC Karvia has funded a possibility to all local teachers to get Lions Quest -"toolkit" for their job.

In the darkest time of year LC Karvia together with our parish arranges a service in the woods. Lions make campfires and ladies serve coffee.

Our club has donated a lot also to the LCIF and gotten several Melvin Jones Fellowships to its active lions.

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